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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Watch Seeking Justice Movie online

Plot:- The film is about Will Gerard (Cage) who, after his wife Laura (Jones) is raped and assaulted, enlists the services of a vigilante group to help him settle the score. However Nick discovers some of the group led by Simon (Pearce) demands a favour in return and when he refuses, they frame him for murder. leading him into a world where anyone who is deemed even the slightest threat to this group is dealt with and anyone he knows could be a potential member of the group.

The film begins with a scene showing a recording of Alan Marsh questioning one of the members of Simon's group. The man leaves Marsh and proceeds to his car. He then notices he has been watched by another member of Simon's group and is murdered, by having his car with him in it pushed of a second floor parking lot, and is made to look like a suicide.

We then go to a pub were Will and Laura are celebrating their anniversary they then see a news report, where the death of the member of Simon's group is shown to be a suicide. Later that night Will gives Laura a necklace as an anniversary gift. The next day Will goes to work, at a New Orleans High School, and explains how Shakespeare uses words to relieve anger. Then at a pub, where no cell phones are permitted and must be turned off, Will is playing chess with Jimmy, a close friend and principal of the high school which he works at. We then see Laura exit Cello rehearsals and parts ways with her friends. She then enters her car, moments later she is approached by a man with a gun and she is brutally raped. During the rape the rapist takes her necklace which Will gave her. After Will leaves the pub turns on his phone and realizes that a hospital has tried to contact him several times. He is informed she has been raped and beaten. While in the emergency room a man introduces himself as Lieutenant Richards. While in the hospital Will is Approached by Simon for the first time. He admits that he experienced the same thing a few years ago. He then tells Will that the man who raped his wife (Laura) was paroled a few weeks back and that, if Will wanted, he could "take care of it". He tells Will that if the police dealt with it is would be to much hassel to go through it and that the rapist might get as little as 11 months in prison. He explains if Will lets him take care of it that it would be free of charge, only that sometime in the future Will would have to repay them with a "favour". At first Will refuses, but after having a few flashbacks and visiting Laura in the emergency room he rethinks it. Simon explains that there is a room of vending machines and that if he wants him to take care of it then he would have to buy two "forever candy bars", which Will does.

Then the rapist walks into his house and puts the necklace he stole on a bedside table, while he proceeds to have a alcoholic beverage. Then one of Simon's people breaks into the rapist's house and holds a gun to his head. There is a struggle but Simon's man over powers the rapist then murders him. He then exit's the house and calls Simon and recites a phrase "The hungry rabbit jumps". We then go to the hospital where Will is seen sleeping in the waiting area and is approached by a man claiming to be with the hospital telling him to sign papers. Will opens the envelope and see's a picture of the rapist dead and his wife's necklace returned. Before Will can ask the man anything he walks away. He then informs his wife that the rapist has committed suicide. They then return home and Laura is seen with many bruises.

Six months later Laura tells Will she wants to purchase a gun, he refuses. She does so anyway, along with pepper spray. While they are playing billiards in a pub, Will is contacted by Simon. Simon gives Will an envelope to be mailed at a local zoo. Will follows instructions and goes to the zoo and is told to open the letter. He is told to follow a woman and her two kids, or if a different man (Alan Marsh) arrives to call a number and say "The hungry rabbit jumps". The next day at work Will see's a number on his classroom white board. Will bumps into a man and is given an envelope. It contains picture of a man called Leon Walczak.

Directed by:- Roger Donaldson

Produced by :- Ram Bergman,Julie Goldstein

Released Date :- 16 march, 2012

Running Time :- 105 min

IMDB Rating :-  6.1/10

Movie Category :- Action,Drama,Thriller 

Official site :- Still not available

Studio :- Anchor Bay Films

Budget :- $30000000

Writer :-   Todd Hickey (story), Robert Tannen (screenplay), and 1 more credit

Star cast :- 
1.Nicolas Cage
2.Guy Pearce
3.January Jones
4.Jennifer Carpenter
5.Harold Perrineau
6.Xander Berkeley
7.IronE Singleton
8.Monica Acosta
9.Joe Chrest
10.J.D. Evermore
11.David Jensen
12.Donna Duplantier
13.Dikran Tulaine
14.Mike Pniewski
15.Jason Davis

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