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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Watch In Darkness movie online

Plot:- In Darkness is based on a true story. Leopold Socha, a sewer worker and petty thief in Lvov, a Nazi occupied city in Poland, one day encounters a group of Jews trying to escape the liquidation of the ghetto. He hides them for money in the labyrinth of the town’s sewers beneath the bustling

Directed by:- Agnieszka Holland

Produced by:- Eric Jordan

Released date:- 28 oct,2011

Running Time :- 144 minutes

IMDB Rating :- 7.1/10

Official Site :- Still not available

Movie Category :- Drama

Star cast:
1.Robert Wieckiewicz
2.Benno Fürmann
3.Agnieszka Grochowska
4.Maria Schrader
5.Herbert Knaup
6.Marcin Bosak
7.Krzysztof Skonieczny
8.Milla Bankowicz
9.Oliwer Stanczak
10.Kinga Preis
11.Weronika Rosati
12.Alexandre Levit
13.Frank-Michael Köbe
14.Joachim Paul Assböck
15.Maja Bohosiewicz 

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Watch Big Miracle movie online

Plot:- When a family of grey whales becomes trapped in the Arctic Circle, a Greenpeace volunteer and a small-town reporter go to extraordinary lengths to save the majestic creatures in this romantic adventure inspired by actual events. Alaskan newsman Adam Carlson (John Krasinski) has grown weary of working in such a small market. He's eager to move on to bigger and better things when the story of a lifetime lands right in his lap. Ice has been forming in the Arctic Circle at a rate so fast that a family of grey whales has become hopelessly stranded. As the eyes of the world turn toward this small, chilly corner of the globe, an oil tycoon, slews of politicians, and countless journalists descend upon Alaska -- each with their own hidden agenda. Meanwhile, the only one Adam notices is Rachel Kramer (Drew Barrymore), a devout environmentalist who also happens to be his ex-girlfriend. As the situation grows dire, the unlikely pair rallies a diverse coalition of allies to work together toward the common goal of saving the endangered marine mammals. The result is a rescue mission that will help to thaw Cold War tensions between America and Russia, and show the entire world just what can be accomplished when we start working together, instead of pulling apart. Dermot Mulroney, Tim Blake Nelson, Ted Danson, and Kristen Bell co-star.  

Directed by:- Ken Kwapis 
Produced by:- Steve Golin
Released Date:- 3 Fab, 2012
Star cast:- 
Kristen Bell
Drew Barrymore
1.John Krasinski
2.Dermot Mulroney
3.Ted Danson
4.Stephen Root
5.Vinessa Shaw
6.Tim Blake Nelson
7.Rob Riggle
8.James LeGros
9.Michael Gaston
10.Mark Ivanir
11.Bruce Altman
12.Andrew Daly
13.Stefan Kapicic

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Watch The Vow movie online

Plot:- This romantic drama is based on a true story and will definitely pull at your heart strings. A young couple get married and everything is good and both are very happy until one day they are involved in a car crash. The wife falls into a coma and when she comes out of it her memory has gone. The husband is still very much in love with his wife has to court her again to regain her love.

Directed by:- Michael Sucsy
Produced:- Gary Barber
Release Date:- 23 march, 2012 

Star cast:- 
1.Rachel McAdams
2.Channing Tatum
3.Jessica Lange
4.Scott Speedman
5.Sam Neill
6.Wendy Crewson
7.Lucas Bryant
8.Dillon Casey
9.Tatiana Maslany
10.Kristina Pesic
11.Brittney Irvin
12.Jeananne Goossen
13.Rachel Skarsten
14.Jessica McNamee
15.Kim Roberts

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watch Joyful Noise Movie online

Plot:- After the untimely death of a small-town choir director (Kris Kristofferson) in Georgia, Vi Rose Hill, a no-nonsense single mother of two teens (Latifah) takes control of the choir, using the traditional Gospel style that their Pastor Dale (Courtney B. Vance) approves of. However, the director's widow, G.G. Sparrow (Parton), believes she should have been given the position. G.G. also happens to be the major donor to their church. Tough times in the town lead to budget problems that threaten to close down the choir.
Vi Rose has a son, Walter (Dexter Darden), who has Asperger's syndrome, and a talented, pretty and anxious-to-date teenage daughter, Olivia (Keke Palmer). G.G. has recently begun caring for her rebellious grandson, Randy (Jeremy Jordan). A romance blossoms between Olivia and Randy, who, like most of the young people in the choir, support G.G.'s push to modernize the choir's style. Each of the young people, however, has a rival suitor. Ultimately, the two women overcome their differences and steer the choir toward a slot in the annual national "Joyful Noise" choir competition.

Directed by:- Todd Graff
Produced by:- Joseph Farrell,Joe Cecchini
Release Date:- 13 Jan,2011

Star cast:-
1.Queen Latifah
2.Dolly Parton
3.Keke Palmer
4.Kris Kristofferson
5.Courtney B. Vance
6.Jesse L. Martin
7.Jeremy Jordan
8.Chloe Bailey
9.Steve Warren
10.Jilian McLendon
11.David Dwyer
12.Judd Lormand
13.Valencia Barnes
14.Katie Kneeland
15.Cait Johnson

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