Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Watch The Vow movie online

Plot:- This romantic drama is based on a true story and will definitely pull at your heart strings. A young couple get married and everything is good and both are very happy until one day they are involved in a car crash. The wife falls into a coma and when she comes out of it her memory has gone. The husband is still very much in love with his wife has to court her again to regain her love.

Directed by:- Michael Sucsy
Produced:- Gary Barber
Release Date:- 23 march, 2012 

Star cast:- 
1.Rachel McAdams
2.Channing Tatum
3.Jessica Lange
4.Scott Speedman
5.Sam Neill
6.Wendy Crewson
7.Lucas Bryant
8.Dillon Casey
9.Tatiana Maslany
10.Kristina Pesic
11.Brittney Irvin
12.Jeananne Goossen
13.Rachel Skarsten
14.Jessica McNamee
15.Kim Roberts

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