Tuesday, 13 December 2011

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Plot:- Jack Sadelstein (ADAM SANDLER) is a successful advertising director in Los Angeles with a large home; a beautiful wife, Erin (KATIE HOLMES); and two kids, the precocious Sofia (ELODIE TOUGNE) and the adopted, intuitive Gary (ROHAN CHAND). There's one time of the year he dreads, though, and that's Thanksgiving when his shrill, annoying twin sister Jill (also ADAM SANDLER) comes to visit.
Jill is the type that has never gotten married, never had kids, and never moved out of the parents' home. But with the death of Jack and Jill's father years earlier and the recent passing of their mom, she is alone. She arrives with an open-ended plane ticket and a knack for worming her way into Erin and the kids' hearts. They want her to stay. Jack wants her gone...that is, until film star Al Pacino (HIMSELF) falls head over heels in love with Jill.
Jack and his assistant Todd (NICK SWARDSON) want desperately to convince Pacino to appear in a Dunkin' Donuts TV commercial that will win his firm a lucrative account with the restaurant chain. But, after a disastrous Internet date with a rude man named Funbucket (NORM MacDONALD), Jill only has eyes for Jack's jovial, blue-collar landscaper, Felipe (EUGENIO DERBEZ). Jack goes to increasingly desperate lengths to bring Jill and the borderline demented Pacino together, even donning his sister's clothes and impersonating her to get the deal done.

Directed by:- Dennis Dugan
Produced by:-jack Giarraputo
Release Date:-25 nov, 2011
Star cast:- 
1.Adam Sandler
2.Al Pacino
3.Katie Holmes
4.Elodie Tougne
5.Rohan Chand

6.Eugenio Derbez
7.David Spade
8.Nick Swardson
9.Tim Meadows
10.Allen Covert
11.Norm MacDonald
12.Geoff Pierson
13.Valerie Mahaffey
14.Gary Valentine
15.Dana Carvey

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