Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Watch New Year's Eve Movie online

Plot:-A thematic follow-up to "Valentines Day" called New Year's Eve. This one would presumably take place in the 24 hours between December 31st and January 1st with the producers hoping to enlist director Garry Marshall to return as well as bringing back some of the characters from the first movie to maintain continuity. (Warner Bros.)

Director by:- Garry Marshall
Produced by:- Richard Brener,Diana Pokorny
Release Date:- 9 Dec,2011

Star cast:-

1.Sarah Jessica Parker, 
2.Jessica Biel
3.Ashton Kutcher
4.Michelle Pfeiffer
5.Zac Efron
6.Charlotte Marshall-Fricker
7.Fiona Choi
8.Mary Marguerite Keane
9.Michael Mandell
10.Patrick Reale
11.Robert De Niro
12.Halle Berry
13.Cary Elwes
14.Alyssa Milano


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