Saturday, 10 December 2011

Watch Rampart movie online

Plot:- Nothing fascinates like a dirty cop. In real life they're terrifying, but in the movies their upending of law and order can open deep explorations of psychology, morality and violence. So meet Dave Brown, Brown is a cop long ago unleashed from the rules of the Los Angeles Police Departmen.

Directed by:-Oren Moverman
Prodused by:- Ben Foster
Release Date:- 27 jan,2012

 Star cast:-
1.Jon Bernthal
2.Woody Harrelson
3.Steve Buscemi
4.Robin Wright
5.Sigourney Weaver
6.Ben Foster
7.Brie Larson
8.Anne Heche
9.Ice Cube
10.Ned Beatty
11.Cynthia Nixon
12.Jon Foster
13.Robert Wisdom
14.Stella Schnabel
15.Don Creech    

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